Garden City Park Fire Departments to Help Sandy Victims

Volunteers to cook turkeys and other foods for south shore fire departments.

The firefighters, EMS personnel, ladies auxiliary, and junior firefighters of the Garden City Park Fire Department are busy this weekend preparing Holiday Meals for the south shore fire departments and surrounding communities that were devastated by Sandy.

In conjunction with the Nassau County Office of Emergency Management and Island Harvest Food Bank, Garden City Park volunteers will be cooking and preparing the food provided by OEM. The volunteer chefs will cook approximately 36 turkeys, 10 hams, 300 pounds of potatoes and 150 cans of vegetables. They are utilizing the kitchens at both fire stations and will be going nearly around the clock in this ‘all-hands’ endeavor.

The Garden City Park Fire Department, along with several other Nassau County Departments assisting OEM in an effort to bring some Holiday Spirit and Nourishment to the communities who need it most. The kitchens will be staffed and busy right up until the time for delivery at 5 p.m. Sunday.

Garden City Park Assistant Chiefs Rob Mirabile and Tim Nacewicz put the plan together in response to a request from Nassau County OEM.

“It just seemed like the right thing to do” Chief Nacewicz said. 

“It’s an unbelievable effort” said Chief William Rudnick, who has been a Chief in Garden City Park for the past 5 years and in currently serving the last 2-weeks of his term. “A great way to go out, seeing our volunteers join together to perform such a generous task, it makes me very proud to have served them as chief.”

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