It's Girl Scout Cookie Time

New Hyde Park Girls Scouts learn about life through the sale of cookies.

It's Girl Scout cookie season, the time when Girl Scouts (and their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins) are out in force taking orders for those popular cookies. How popular? Nationwide last year, Girl Scouts across the country sold 198 million boxes of cookies. In Nassau County, over 1.24 million boxes are sold annually.

The selling of these cookies is more than a fundraising opportunity, albeit a very successful one.

“This teaches responsibility and fosters a sense of accomplishment," says Maria Kuczinski, co-leader with Caryn Fabilli of Brownie Troop 1144 from the , which is one of 40 New Hyde Park troops. "The girls learn about setting goals and handling money.” 

Kuczinski explains that before the girls undertake the selling of the cookies they meet to decide if this is a task that want to do and, if so, what they need to do to achieve the goals that they set.

For example, if the girls decide they want to use their earnings to visit the Long Island Children’s Museum, they figure how much that would cost and how much they need to sell in order to reach their goal.

 This year’s cookies are peppermint and chocolate Thin Mints, which are still the most popular of the cookies; Samoas, a vanilla cookie covered with caramel, toasted coconut and chocolate; Lemon Chalet Cremes, a vanilla sandwich cookie with a lemon filling; Tagalongs, peanut butter cookies covered with chocolate; oatmeal and peanut butter Do-si-dos; and shortbread Trefoils.

Girls in New Hyde Park and around Nassau began taking orders in early January and will continue through April 16. In February, the girls begin booth sales. Kuczinski says that the girls enjoy the booth sales in public venues.

“It teaches them manners and patience,” Kuczinski says.

For more information on the Girl Scout Cookie Program, visit their website at
 www.gsnc.org. Starting in February the website will be able to direct you to the cookie booths nearest to you.


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