New Hyde Park Man on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ Recap: Part I

Reviewing how New Hyde Park resident Joey Yagoda did on the ABC game show.

New Hyde Park resident Joey Yagoda made it to “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” Monday, getting a nice birthday present with an accumulated bank of $13,600 through his first six questions on the ABC daytime game show.

However, the Yale University student ran out of time on the show before he could advance and answer the seventh question, which will be made up Tuesday afternoon during the show’s 12:30 p.m. air slot as a holdover contestant.

Yagoda currently has one lifeline remaining a “Jump the Question” one. If he correctly answers the question, he will continue on with the game.  If he answers incorrectly, he will leave the show with $1,000 in winnings. He also has the option of not guessing the answer and walking away with half of his accumulated Millionaire Bank. Making it to the second round of questions – numbers 11 to 14 – would allow him to be able to keep his entire Millionaire Bank if he chooses to walk away from the game.

Here’s a recap of the questions that Yagoda answered and the lifelines he used on Monday in case you missed it:

Question No. 1: ‘Early Medicine’ – Value of Question: $100

What medical procedure dates to 1740, when the Paris Academy of Sciences recommended mouth-to-mouth resuscitation for drowning victims?

  • A: Root canal
  • B: Liposuction
  • C: CPR 
  • D: Appendectomy

Yagoda answered correctly without using any lifelines.

Question No. 2:  ‘Dew Blends’ – Value of Question: $10,000 

Drawing concern for its sugar content, Taco Bell’s new breakfast menu beverage nicknamed “Dewdriver” is a blend of Mountain Dew and what?

  • A: Orange juice
  • B: Coffee
  • C: Earl Grey tea
  • D: Milk

Yagoda answered correctly without using any lifelines.

Question No. 3:  ‘Thick Accents’ – Value of Question:  $2,000

A popular phrase that makes fun of a classic Boston accent tells you to “pahk the cah in” where? 

  • A: Bunkah Hill
  • B: Fenway Pahk
  • C: Hahvahd Yahd 
  • D: Bahk Bay

Yagoda answered correctly without using any lifelines.

Question No. 4:  ‘Day Job’ – Value of Question:  $3,000

T. S. Eliot released many of his major works, including “The Waste Land,” while holding what job?

  • A: Bank clerk 
  • B: Postmaster
  • C: Personal secretary
  • D: Health inspector

Yagoda used the first “Jump the Question” lifeline, but also forfeited the money attached to the question. He still has $12,100 in his Millionaire Bank.

Question No. 5: ‘Presidential Initials’ – Value of Question:  $1,000

Which of these sets of letters would not be found on the monogrammed towels of a U.S. president?

  • A: WHT
  • B: JEF
  • C: CAA
  • D: RBH

Yagoda used the “Ask the Audience” lifeline to answer the question correctly (A=0 percent B=66 percent C=32 percent D=2 percent). WHT - William Howard Taft; CAA - Chester Alan Arthur; RBH - Rutherford Birchard Hayes

Question No. 6: ‘Muscle Mags’ – Value of Question:  $500

“Work your buns off!” and “Tighten your tush in half the time!” were cover headlines on a 2012 special edition of Oxygen magazine dedicated to what?

  • A: Abs
  • B: Glutes
  • C: Delts
  • D: Quads

Yagoda answered correctly without using any lifelines.

Question No. 7: ‘Birthday Surprise’

In 1926, Fats Waller was reportedly kidnapped at gunpoint, taken to Al Capone's birthday party and forced to do what?

  • A: Tell jokes
  • B: Play piano
  • C: Read poetry
  • D: Tap dance

Yagoda will attempt to answer question No. 7 correctly on Tuesday afternoon.


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