New Hyde Park Man Wants to be a Millionaire

Joey Yagoda to be on game show Monday and Tuesday.

Being on TV isn’t a bad way to spend your birthday. And potentially winning a million dollars isn’t too shabby either.

New Hyde Park resident Joey Yagoda, who turns 20 Monday, will be one of the contestants on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ today and tomorrow at 12:30 p.m. with a chance to make it into the infamous ‘hot seat’ and play for the seven-figure amount.

Yagoda, currently a junior at Yale, graduated from Great Neck South in 2010 and is studying ethics, politics and economics at the Ivy League school. During the summer he saw an announcement about tryouts for the game show and was contacted in June about appearing at a taping on September 6.

During the audition process, Yagoda and other potential candidates were asked to fill out a questionnaire, take a screen test and being quizzed on a series of questions to see how he might perform on camera. He ended up receiving a call saying that he would be in contestants’ row on August 28 – the day before he was to start his junior year.


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