New Hyde Park Residents Find Opportunity and Profit in Nemo

Youthful entrepreneurs could be found Saturday charging to dig out walks, driveways and cars.

Winter storm Nemo didn’t seem to put a damper on a few enterprising individuals in New Hyde Park. While many residents were out shoveling Saturday morning most businesses were seen open, the gas stations had gas and the roads were plowed.

Despite some heavy shoveling some people saw the storm as an opportunity. Several groups could be found out competing for top dollar shoveling out walks and driveway; a couple were even were out with snow blowers.

Only out for a short while Christian Trasolini, Greg Hoerter and John Chambers who, armed with two shovels and a snowblower, were making a pretty good hourly rate. Splitting their take three ways wouldn’t be a problem for the group considering they had pulled in “at least $150,” declining to give their total amount. Having only done four or 5 houses they charged on a sliding scale depending on whether they were shoveling the walk, the driveway and the cars, or solely one of the three.

Meanwhile John Young and Dennis Kostel had gotten out a bit late to make any money. Only out by 11 a.m., in 30 minutes they couldn’t find anyone needing shoveling. They weren’t held up by laziness, first taking care of their own homes before moving on to others. Despite the early discouragement, the two Molloy students planned to continue on searching around the blocks by Taco Bell on Jericho Turnpike.

Another couple of men, who declined to give their names, also couldn’t find many people willing to pay for shoveling service. They only found two houses and $40 worth of work.

Chris, John and Jason, who declined to give their last names, were out at 9 a.m. They also declined to give the amount they made but equipped with two shovels and a snow blower they were working efficiently. The current house they were working on had the walk and driveway cleared.

“There’s a little ice on the bottom but otherwise it’s light,” John said, adding that he had harder times making money. They even handed out cards with their number on it to potential customers for the future.

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