North Shore-LIJ Opens New Pain Management Center

The Procedural Pain Management Center was created in collaboration with the North Shore University Hospital and LIJ Medical Center.

(NSUH) and the teamed up to open the Procedural Pain Management Center, a state-of-the-art outpatient facility in Lake Success specializing in treating adults of all ages with acute and chronic pain conditions, a recent press release reported.

The goal of the Procedural Pain Management Center is to prevent pain before it becomes chronic. In doing so, the center provides several different injection treatments to reduce and alleviate pain.

The center is staffed by fellowship-trained physicians credentialed in pain management, burses with experience in ambulatory surgery or critical care, radiology technicians and support staff, the press release stated.

Physicians of the NSUH Procedural Pain Mangement Center include: Robert Duarte, MD; Shaheda Quarishi, MD; Joseph Rothenberg, MD; Edward Rubin, MD; Vikas Varma, MD and Amir Annabi, MD.

John DiCapua, MD, chairman and vice president of anesthesiology at NSUH and LIJ Medical Center was quoted in the press release saying, “The power of injections is that medication is delivered to a targeted location in the body where the pain is, and there are fewer side effects compared to pain medications, which are used to treat the whole body.”

During the hour-long procedure, patients receive local anesthesia to numb the area of the body being treated and remain awake. No sedation or major anesthesia is necessary, which reduces risks and shortens recovery time.

For more information, contact the NSUH Procedural Pain Management Center, Department of Anesthesiology at 516-233-3780. 

Patricia Trapasso January 22, 2013 at 06:02 PM
They make this Pain Management Center sound great but after becoming a patient and experiencing their services, they are the same as every other place out there. They certainly do not care about the patient, and their office staff is totally incompetitent! I called Dr.Duarte this past weekend after being discharged from the hospital. His office told me on 1/14 they were going to mail prescriptions for pain medications to me because the NP I was to meet with that day was leaving sick. I had surgery and was released from the hospital on 1/19 to find no prescriptions were in the mail. After making an emergency call to Dr. Duarte, he wouldn't even talk with me. Instead, he just sent a message through the person handling after hours calls to tell me I should go to the Emergency Room. How caring is that? Now it's Tuesday, 1/22 and my situation is still not being handled. Getting all kinds of excuses as to why my prescriptions weren't sent and why they are and will not be ready for me (or a relative, since I'm unable to drive after surgery) to pick up. Totally incompetitent, totally uncaring. I've had major surgery, am a patient at their center and have no pain medications to deal with the pain I am in from surgery. They should not be in business because they do more harm than good.


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