Things People Want To See Happen in New Hyde Park in 2014

Improvements to downtown, the absurd top residents' wish lists.

New Hyde Park Village Hall. Photo credit: Geoffrey Walter
New Hyde Park Village Hall. Photo credit: Geoffrey Walter
On Thursday, we asked New Hyde Park Patch Facebook readers to comment on "What do you want to see happen in New Hyde Park in 2014?"

Here's their wishes for 2014:
  • Kev Matthews does not want to fly overseas to watch US athletes in action in Sochi next month, nor the summer games in Rio in 2016. He suggests "New Hyde Park make a bid for the Olympic Games. Parkville can host the opening ceremonies..."
  • However, Mac Zeppi believes that a stickball fest is enough as "I don't need anything else to happen."
  • Monica Espinosa and David Warner want an indoor farmer's market, and while Ellen La Regina agrees, she'd "like to see all construction on Jericho Turnpike completed before springtime."
  • Chrissy Golden Downing "would like to see drivers actually stop at the stop signs! Would also like to see people not double park & letting their little kids jump out of the car by themselves to go into school."
What's on your 2014 wishlist for New Hyde Park? Post in the comment box below.

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