Village Board Gets Visit from Miss Teen New Hyde Park

Alexandra Rasch speaks about expectations for youth and business partnerships.

Miss Teen New Hyde Park herself stopped by the most recent meeting of the New Hyde Park Village Board Tuesday night at the village hall.

Alexandra Rasch is competing for Miss Teen New York during a two-day pageant on January 19-20 at the Renaissance Hotel in Westchester.

“My main objective is not to just discuss the pageant but also what I can do to assist this community and become a better place,” she said. “As a member of this community – we’re all members – there’s so many things we can do to improve this as a whole.”

She discussed the possibilities of making alliances with different businesses “where they could partner together, more fundraisers here as well as different charity events.”

Her platform at the pageant is the American Diabetes Association, Juvenile Diabetes and pediatric cancer awareness.

“I’d like to propose maybe doing a fundraiser or two to get awareness out about such a serious topic because we have a hospital right here very close,” she said of Cohen’s Children’s Hospital, where she receives treatment for her condition of iron deficiency anemia.

“I go to a hospital every week for an iron transfusion so I’m very close to this hospital and I’d really like to become more involved and make this such a better place to be because currently you go to my high school – New Hyde Park Memorial – you don’t hear that people want to become mayors or principals or firefighters; they want to become reality stars and teenage mothers and things that you shouldn’t want to become and I really would like to change that and make that something that should be completely abolished. People should want to become mayors and principals and firemen and public figures.”


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