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Year In Review: Bloggers Had Their Say in 2012

Rabbis, parents and experts blogged about their favorite topics and engaged readers.

Bloggers with interests in politics, ghost hunting, health and faith expounded on their thoughts this year on Patch. They provoked others to agree, disagree or ask questions.

Here are some of the top bloggers this year.

Richard Brody took on Roger Clemens, human growth hormone and prosecutions, "if lying to Congress was such a horrendous offense, how about all the politicians much of the time, members of Cabinet, "spun" answers, bankers and financial people, etc? At very best, this appears to be a case of selective prosecution."

Lisa Patterson Lay wrote eloquently, mostly of family moments. Here's her latest, about 20 California college students who camped out at her home to help with the Sandy cleanup. 

The Long Island Museum provided a look back at growing up on the Island, "Life was a giant block party to the Baby Boomers who grew up on Long Island in the 1950s."

Psychologist Susan Bartell shared Teachable Moments, helping parents raise emotionally healthy children.

Rabbi Irwin Huberman wrote about Thanksgiving and Jewish tradition, "While Thanksgiving in not officially a Jewish holy day, our tradition does encourage us to partake in secular holidays when the values of that holiday are consistent with those of Judaism."

Keriann Flanagan Brosky took readers on a tour of Long Island's most haunted towns, "We have a rich and intriguing history here on Long Island which includes a prominent Native American past and the American Revolutionary War, amongst other things."

Ronni Aronow, who offers college transition consulting for students on the spectrum, offered helpful tips for applying to college.

Bob Pape wrote about the dedication of New York's first responders, including NYPD Officer Larry DePrimo, of Holbrook who helped a homeless man on 44th Street near Seventh Avenue.

Lauren Lev addressed icons, advertising and media, "when the initial or subsequently revitalized mascot is a terrible representation of the brand -- there's got to be a quick way to get rid of the evidence."

Jeri Usbay provided tips on Facebook privacy and other tech advice, "Perhaps you went to a party Saturday night, and you wake up Sunday morning to find there are pictures of you already posted on your Timeline.   Perhaps these pictures show you really enjoying this party, and you’d really rather these photos remain private."

Chris Ostling warns about shopping-related injuries, "The biggest problem I see related to shopping is the carrying of all of the bags and packages - pocket books included.  We don't realize that after three hours and five stores later we have accumulated a lot of excess baggage that we are forced to schlep around for the remainder of our time at the mall."


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