Awards Night for Gold Coast Film Festival

Awards and congratulations marked the night at the US Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point.

It was an impressive wrap-up awards ceremony for the first annual  in North Hempstead. The event took place Sunday night at the Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point.

Filmmaker Keirda Bahruth, formerly of West Islip, came out a big winner for  The film's subject, songwriter Bob Forrest – whom Hollywood Reporter noted is "known today more for TV's "Celebrity Rehab" than the L.A. band, Thelonious Monster" – also attended the festival. 

The film won the New York Post 2011 Gold Coast International Film Festival Trailer Contest, beating out Emily Hagins’ “My Sucky Teen Romance." In all, the trailers of 16 feature films were voted on by the public.

“Bob And The Monster” also scored the audience award for best documentary film, landing Bahruth a prize worth $30,000 of post-production services Deluxe toward a future project.

“My Afternoons with Margueritte,” directed by Jean Becker won the audience appreciation award for best narrative film. This prize is worth $60,000 in equipment rentals from Panavision toward a future project. 

Meghan Shea’s “In The Spirit of Laxmi,” won best short documentary. This award was chosen by a juried panel that included Luke Geissbuhler, director of photography of "Helvetica," "Objectified," and "Borat"; Jeremiah Newton, director of “Beautiful Darling”; Mark Romeo, producer of “Blue Gold”; and Craig Teper, director of “Vidal Sassoon: The Movie.”

Domhnall Gleeson’s “Noreen” won best narrative short. This award was chosen by Jennifer Lane, production manager of "The Reader," "The Good Shepherd," "Adjustment Bureau," and "Greenberg"; Norman Reedus, an actor in "The Walking Dead," "Boondock Saints"; , producer of "God of Love," associate producer of "Holy Rollers"; and Rick Schwartz, producer of "The Departed," executive producer of the "Black Swan."


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