One of My Favorite Topics: Organization for Clients with ADD

Suggestions for organizing a client with attention deficit disorder.

The easiest way to organize anyone with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is to preplan!  For example, label each drawer with the item of clothing that should be in there:  one drawer for pants, one drawer for shirts. 

For any item to be put away, it must have a place to go that is easily accessible and easy to put a way.  A great way to organize underwear and socks is to use clear under bed storage boxes [no lids].  You can have one box for underpants, one for t-shirts or bras, one for white socks and one for dark socks.  Buy about 10-12 pairs of white socks and 10-12 pairs of dark sock [all the same].  Socks will never have to be rolled but will make it in to the right box. 

In addition, they will be easier to retrieve in the morning when getting ready for the day. Forget the coat closets; use a coat rack right by the door with an open basket next to it for keys and gloves.  Place a boot tray by the door, as well, for those bad weather days.  It is often too hard for the person with ADD to open a door, get a hanger, place the coat on a hanger, replace the hanger with the coat in the closet and then handle the keys, gloves, boots, etc. Bathroom supplies should be equally as easy to retrieve and put away. 

A hook for a towel replaces the cumbersome towel rack.  A clear plastic bin should be used for toiletries.  Most of all, an open shelf to put that plastic bin on will ensure that the items go back where they belong. The worst thing that anyone can do to someone with ADD is over buy or provide him or her with too many items.  If you have the storage space, then go ahead and take advantage of a great sale, otherwise pass and buy only what is needed. This may not be the prettiest home on the block but it will be an organized one.  Think first before you buy anything.  If you are not replacing a discarded item, don’t buy it. 

If you cannot assign a specific place to put that item away, move on.  Your loved one, suffering from ADD, probably does not do well with clutter.  Don’t make it more difficult by creating it.  Remember that OT is “skills for the job of living!”  Organizing your home makes living in it better

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Lori V January 24, 2013 at 07:16 PM
This was very helpful, my teenage son has ADD and loses everything and is a super slob. Good ideas here. Container store, here I come!
Eleanor Cawley January 24, 2013 at 07:44 PM
I am so glad that I could help! Happy Organizing!


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