Who is the Town Thinking of with the Roslyn Country Club?

Why does the Town of North Hempstead want to seize by eminent domain a private country club in Roslyn?

I know...this is not my first entry about the absurdity of the wanting to seize Roslyn Country Club through eminent domain (another way for the Town to TAKE a private establishment away from the owner for what they think it is worth), and probably won't be my last, but I am astoundished with how illogical it is. In these economic times, why does the Town want to take on the burden of a private business that is so rundown and unkempt that some of the residents who have an easment to use it don't want to. It is mindboggling.

I attended the Town board meeting on Sept. 27 and the acquisition of the Roslyn Country Club was on the agenda. There were about 20 speakers and the majority were opposed to the Town taking on the obligation of the club. There seems to be a small group from Roslyn Country Club Civic Association and elsewhere who are in favor of it. Some residents who spoke were from the Club area and they don't want the Town to take over the RCC either.

The RCC civic association says they want their own park; after all, they said New Hyde Park has their own pool so why can't they. I say they should have their own park, but they should pay for it like we do. We pay extra taxes for our pool which keeps the membership at a reasonable cost. What is wrong with Roslyn Country Club residents paying too? Nothing, except that they don't want to. Why should they if they have the rest of the Town supporting their pool? It is a good deal for residents of Roslyn Country Club, not us.

Supervisor Jon Kaiman said he was in the middle of ongoing negotiations with the owner and could not divulge any information. No information about cost or maintenance or repairs...no information about the catering hall...no information on how much the membership fee would be annually...no information on the ongoing cost and upkeep...no information on the projected number of people who would join in order to keep it revenue neutral.

Remember in November when it is election day whose best interests the Town is thinking of. 

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Rick Ueland October 15, 2011 at 06:47 PM
Stephen, I'm not a political person - I'm just your average taxpayer who gets pretty upset when the TONH wants to take on the financial liability of buying the Roslyn Country Club property using my tax money and their financial justification for it not costing taxpayers' money is selling memberships at $1,000 a season. Are they serious? Is this the role of a Government Agency - use tax money to support a pool for a limited group of residents? To me, this is much different than a pool that reaches the masses at a nominal amount –period. Don't try to say that it is to preserve property for use by Town residents. We don't need to take on any additional debt service in this economy. At all levels of government, they are having problems adequately maintaining parks already in the system. Keep the property on the tax rolls and keep our taxes down! Waiting to see the financials makes no difference to me. The concept is wrong. Besides, the anticipated revenues will be based on projected membership. Given the economic conditions we are experiencing, who knows what the actual membership will be in the coming years if the economy declines. Who then will be responsible for debt service payment under this model – you guessed it – the taxpayers!
Ben October 15, 2011 at 07:24 PM
It looks like Jon Kaimen will be defeated on Election day by Lee Tu and so all of the Roslyn Country Club Pool plans will never pan out. I hope that Lee Tu can find a way to bring Tully/Denton Ave Pool back so that the TNH residents will have an indoor pool for swimming like the one the late Supervisor then Senator Michael Tully had built in 1979.
Marianna Wohlgemuth October 15, 2011 at 11:27 PM
Stephen, My numbers are sound. I can't take you seriously because you are hiding behind your "name" and won't come forward and identify yourself and where you live. How can you believe, unless you are a millionaire who has money to burn, that the average taxpayer in New Hyde Park or the Town of North Hempstead, can actually afford an extra $1,000 to $2,000 annually for a country club? And, how much money will the town need to generate to support and maintain an 8-acre pool/tennis court facility? It will become an exclusive club for the elite and we will be left out looking forlornly through the gates. You're right - the people believe me because you just have to read what I wrote. If the CGM Pool costs $1.1 million to run yearly, which is comparative to the RCC size, then it would take over 1000 members to cover the cost of operations. Not sure how much the debt service would be since the current administration has not released any numbers to try to convince us otherwise but that would probably be in the neighborhood of another $1 million yearly which means you need another 1000 members. I am not afraid of my facts - they are true. The residents of New Hyde Park believe me because I speak the truth and always have their best interests at heart.
Rain man October 17, 2011 at 12:52 AM
This Water is definitely not deep enough.
Figure that one out October 24, 2011 at 05:08 PM
Well Ruth, you've made your political motivations quite clear. You and your grandchildren love the pool, BUT management has to change? Makes no sense.


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