NHP-GCP Superintendent’s Report: Science and Wellness Fairs

Superintendent Robert Katulak announces a sweep for New Hyde Park Road students.

The following are the remarks of  Superintendent Robert Katulak made during the public meeting of the NHP-GCP Board of Education on March 12, 2012:

The administrators and teachers completed their last session of the Danielson Training for Teacher Evaluation and Professional Growth rubric this afternoon and we will all be ready to implement this in September.

Our administrators continue their training on a monthly basis regarding the new APPR regulations. Our District Dignity for Schools Act committee continues to meet monthly to get all the components in place for September 2012 implementation in our junior grades.

We recently completed our District Wellness Fair on Thursday, March 8 with many vendors and health professionals in attendance. All those there had the opportunity to learn about many topics and samples were distributed across areas of dental health, karate workshops and general nutrition.

Our science teachers Joanne LaRocca and Lara Holzkamp coordinated an excellent science fair on March 1. The research and the outstanding projects of our sixth grade students from all of our elementary schools were worthy of Intel awards. We’re very proud of our students.

We’re also extremely pleased to announce that this weekend at there were 142 projects submitted across the county. New Hyde Park Road School representing our district, swept first, second and third place. The following students won: Matthew Rowinsky took first place, second place was taken by the team of Ryan Moon, Shane Sam and Jithin Thomas and third place was taken by Caroline Bak, Jacqueline Lai and Kayla Loubriel and these students will be honored along with all other entries at a future board meeting.

Tonight we’re about to present the board’s . We’ll present the process in which we need to work in order to get to the 2 percent cap. In the budget we still have and we are determined to do so by the April adoption of the budget by the board, therefore only requiring a simple majority vote.

Geoffrey Walter March 22, 2012 at 08:42 PM
Did anyone attend the District Wellness fair or see the projects at Nassau Community College? What did you think of them?


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