Massapequa Teen Arrested for Burglary

Keith Barkan arrested for second time in two months.

A Massapequa teen who was arrested last month for a series of car break-ins, has been charged with a burglary that took place last week, police said.

Keith Barkan, 18 allegedly entered  a home on St. Mark's Place  on Oct. 18 and took jewelery.

He then pawned the jewelry at two local shops, according to police who said that officers going over pawn records discovered it was stolen property.

Police said they also discovered that Barkan had sold iPod to a local Gamestop that had been stolen in a car break-in on St. Mark's place in July.

On Sept. 8 Barkan was charged in connection with five other car break-ins after he allegedly used a used a stolen credit card at a Merrick Road 7-Eleven.

He was charged Friday with burglary 2nd and criminal possession of stolen property.

Massa October 29, 2012 at 01:50 AM
Just another messed up druggie, so tired if these little animals . Rehab isn't going to help this kid, boot camp and jail, scare the crap out of him, make him work. I think with all this crap going in with these spoiled Massapequa kids getting in trouble for burglars and drugs it makes our town look bad and gives us a bad name... Just like at the Massapequa - Farmingdale football game when the chant from the Farmingdale bleachers was a chant about Massapequa HS drug problem
LAKETAJO October 31, 2012 at 03:49 PM
Please don't call them little animals. Yes something drastic should be done and sometimes rehab doesn't work the first time. Boot camp are jail are also not bad ideas, I agree but remember these kids are getting caught up in a dreadful disease. The first time is a choice and sadly these kids are making dangerous decisions. When the addiction takes over it is a serious disease. No one is immune! So to suggest that they are spoiled Massapequa kids really is not fair. It can attack the best of kids and families.
MR. Knowledgeable Thoughts December 02, 2012 at 05:36 PM
I think that Massapequa is not the only town that is seeing this type of destruction in our young adults although I feel that Massapequa does in fact have a larger presence of this behavior. It is evident that a person does make the decision to use a drug the first time and becomes addicted there after. How can this be prevented ? As crazy as it sounds, I believe there should be a program created that rewards people for not getting involved with drugs, Give our young people a reason NOT to make that wrong decision. For example... an allowance towards the purchase of there first car. etc.... This I feel would make a big difference. We must stop it before it starts. There is so much money being spent on different programs and medical issues once these people have already been introduced to this horrible epidemic, Why not spend some money on preventing the problem.
Mom of 3 Massapequa January 19, 2013 at 01:47 AM
Had my car robbed last night, so did a neighbor, we are in the area of this kid and were told by the police officer that it was a good chance that it was him as he had been in jail and there have been no robberies in area and he was recently let out and now they are hearing reports again. What do we do? Knock on his door and demand his parents check for our stuff? This is completely ridiculous! Lock this kid away for a meaningful amount of time. Obviously nothing is getting through to him.
Jeffrey January 23, 2013 at 06:15 AM
absolutely. Anyone who steals to pawn, is feeding a habit.


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