New Hyde Park Fire Department Issues Decision on Dolan Case

Appeal planned as board of commissioners decline comment.

The New Hyde Park Board of Fire Commissioners has made a ruling in the case involving a father-son duo accused of stealing smoke detectors.

Tuesday night the board ruled to dismiss Michael Dolan Sr. from his duties as a firefighter, but voted to reinstate his son, Michael Dolan Jr. to the department.

The decision was made by three members of the fire commissioner board: Michael Bonura, John DiVello and John Waldron.

“We’re making not comments at this time and I believe counsel’s not making any comments also,” Bonura said Tuesday night at the fire department headquarters. “That’s our position right now. We’re not going to talk about it, we have nothing to say about it.”

Bonura cited slanted current media coverage of the case as his reasons for not taking any questions or revealing any information to the press.

Numerous calls to other members of the board of commissioners or fire department attorneys requesting comment or details on the decision were not returned.

“We’re going to appeal it; we’ll see them in court,” Michael Dolan Jr. said, adding that his father had no comment on the litigation.

The senior Dolan could only be removed from his position as a fire commissioner through an appeal to Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the state legislature.

The Dolans were brought up on both criminal and departmental charges for allegedly stealing smoke detectors from the department in 2012. The Nassau County District Attorney’s Office eventually dropped the criminal charges. However, any member of the fire department has a right to have a hearing before an arbitrator. The charges were originally filed by New Hyde Park Board of Fire Commissioners Chairman Richard Stein.

A departmental hearing was held in January in which prosecutors senior Dolan obtained 150 smoke detectors from the Nassau County Fire Museum and brought 100 to the fire department “on the merits of the program,” in reference to a smoke detector program the board of commissioners was running. Ultimately the detectors were property of the department given by the museum.

The program consisted of members of the department installing detectors for the elderly who may not have one in their home. The nature of the program was contested by the defense stating it was a program strictly for batteries for smoke detectors.

The prosecution stated at the hearing the senior Dolan then removed 82 detectors from a secured location, referencing a videotape marked for evidence. Dolan reportedly conceded he took the detectors in a board meeting, as previously mentioned. On behest of the commissioners he was asked to return them, but only returned 65 detectors. He reportedly again took the 65 smoke detectors and returned 36 to the fire museum.

In his arguments, defense attorney Michael T. Cornacchia conceded the Dolans took the detectors but did so without criminal intent and not for personal gain. At the hearing the defense put forth that the charges – the taking of the equipment for personal gain and actions unbecoming of a member of the department – were a personal vendetta.

Attorney Walter Wagner served as the hearing officer, which recommended Dolan’s dismissal.

When reached by telephone on Friday, Cornacchia stated that he plans to appeal the decision on behalf of the senior Dolan, who still has time left on his elected position as one of the fire commissioners of New Hyde Park.

In a letter dated March 17 to the fire board of commissioners, Cornacchia calls the then-possible decision of dismissal a “radical sentence” that is “vastly disproportionate to the offenses on which Mr. Wagner found Commissioner Dolan guilty and with other punishments meted out to members of the Department for violations of its rules and regulations.”

The defense is seeking Dolan’s restoration and a sentence of time already served on his suspension as sentence.

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joe connor April 07, 2013 at 04:01 PM
i was at the hearing, and listened to how they dragged the dolan's name through the mud. it was a disgrace and had nothing to do with what they were accussed of,and as far as witnesses against the dolan's john brown are you kidding me,it was a joke, they say john brown is as honest as the day is long. the days are getting real short around here. joe connor ex chief, ex commisioner
sallyv April 08, 2013 at 01:18 AM
John brown , did he not take generator from fire house home with out any one else know and he is the same john brown who broke the stanly tool on his own private job ? , he is the same john brown and stein who allowed illeagle gambling in the fire house ,, and also banura ,, running illeagle gambling from fire house . how much did you steal from the state ,, and are allowing members with under 20 % to stay in firedepartment .. mmmm again stealing from state .. they should all look in mirror .. the best is they filled a person personal rv up with gas .. fire department gas ..wait stealing from the state .. i would hope the media looks into stein , banaura and divello in how they allow stealing from tax payers all the time
sallyv April 08, 2013 at 01:22 AM
the question i ahve always asked , are you allowed to be in 2 fiedepartments at one time ? i wonder what the by-laws say about that ,, can ricky stein answer that .. And all the vets on long island should come down and back mr dolan and bring down the illeagle actions of this board , stein, divello and banuara .. illeagle gambling and they approved of it ..disgraced .. people have done 1000 times worst in that place and are still there ... i am officaily disgraced of the New hyde park firedeptartment to let this happen
Marianna Wohlgemuth April 08, 2013 at 06:24 PM
I suggest we all attend fire department commissioner meetings which are held on the first and third Tuesdays of the month. Also, our civic association will request information as to the cost to the taxpayer of this debacle.
sallyv April 08, 2013 at 07:56 PM
@ Marianna , thank you it be a blessing if someone would help mr dolan , a great and proud vet of this country his family has 2 men in military like his dad, that also fought for our great country , then we have imbasells in the fire district who think they are above the law !!! who watches over there b*llsh*t .. they ruin am mans reputaion because they don't like him !!! enough is enough .. the people and vets should get together and show a stand in front of the firedepartment and stand behind our vets and a good father Mike Dolan !!!
nhppal April 10, 2013 at 12:14 AM
One word for the three stooges and the head honcho.....KARMA my friends, KARMA, be careful it will be around to visit you someday...............................
sallyv April 10, 2013 at 01:20 AM
@NHPPAL I hope you are referring to the commissioners ... cause they are all stooges , and they are taking the respect of the NHPFD down to nothing.. and there is a lot of great people there.. it stinks that 3 stooges can ruin a persons life !!
sallyv April 10, 2013 at 01:21 AM
Mr Dolan has a big following in new hyde park and we all stand behind him ...
Hello January 05, 2014 at 11:26 AM
Justice is served! Congratulations Mr Dolan...everyone knows the truth. This was an absolute joke, and you and your son were arrested for no reason. Glad you brought back the smoke detectors, as you proved the quantity was getting low. The public is still waiting for the " inventory list " that made this arrest a " felony". Rumor has it that it was a felony to get you dismissed as a Commissioner, but the other 4 really could not get their story straight, and justice prevailed! The Supreme Court made their decision, and that is all that matters!


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