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Domino’s Drivers Still a Concern for New Hyde Park Residents

New drivers reportedly causing parking problems again.

Delivery drivers at the in New Hyde Park on Jericho Turnpike are again becoming irritating to residents in the neighborhood around North 11th Street.

According to one resident who was at the August 21 meeting of the village board at the , issues concerning behavior including parking of delivery vehicles, making illegal U-turns and blocking of crosswalks.

Reportedly the majority of the new delivery personnel are teens or young adults.

“We can meet with them again, but how much more emphatic can we be?” Mayor Daniel Petruccio mused at the meeting.

Trustee Lawrence Montreuil suggested sending a letter to the business requesting that the drivers be asked to observe all traffic regulations and proper parking locations. Any moving violations on the delivery vehicles would be issued out of the Third Precinct, not the village.

“Write the letter, send it to Domino’s and cc the inspector,” Mayor Petruccio instructed village building superintendent Tom Gannon. “At least (the owner) gets a copy and knows that.. we’ll start with that.”


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