Judge Places Another Restraining Order on Redistricting

Spokesperson for Dems says the move is a sign map will not be used for this election.

A New York State Supreme Court judge placed another temporary restraining order on Nassau Republicans plans to redistrict the county Tuesday, making it unlikely that the map passed by the legislature last week could be used for this election, according to a Nassau County Democratic Committee spokesperson.

“It would be impractical and foolhardy to expect the Board of Elections to implement the new lines after petitioning has kicked off,” said Audrey Kubetin, communications director of NCDC. “We expect them to appeal, but we’re encouraged.”

The legislature passed the county attorney’s redistricting plan 10-8 last Tuesday after an appeals court reversed Judge Steven Jaeger’s original restraining order that prevented the vote. The new lines split the Five Towns into three legislative districts, adds Malverne to the 7th district, places Seaford into the 4th district and splits North Merrick and North Bellmore from Merrick and Bellmore.

"I am disappointed that the judge refused to recuse himself from this case because of this political background and contributions," said Presiding Officer Peter J. Schmitt, referring to the majority's court request last Thursday. "However, we shall appeal this ruling and continue towards correcting the current under-representation of county voters."  

Jaeger set the next court date for June 14, seven days after the filing deadline for this election.

“They also nominated their candidates based on the current lines,” Kubetin said of Republicans. “They recognize this as a long shot as well.”


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