Kaiman Dispels Myths about Roslyn Country Club

Town Supervisor Jon Kaiman took some time during Tuesday's meeting to explain the issue behind the Roslyn Country Club.

used the beginning of the Town public hearing on the Roslyn Country Club Tuesday night to dispel some myths about project, which was later followed by a vigorous and long debate about the project.

"The Roslyn Country Club is not a country club," Kaiman explained. "It is a community built by Levitt years ago that was designated by name as a place called 'Country Club'."

Kaiman explained that this land includes a house, which would be converted into a catering facility, and a pool. He added that years ago this was a community pool, which went into foreclosure at some point and Mr. Malekan acquired the property and then operated it for several years.

Community members have been inquiring for years about what can be done with this property, Kaiman noted. One of the options for this property is condemnation, although there could be other ways to handle the property, such as having it in private hands.

During the meeting, some Town residents asked for a referendum on the property, while others supported it and there have also been suggestions that there be a special park district for the Roslyn Country Club.

Some residents expressed their frustrations that the Town does not have more specifics about the financing or other details of this project.

Read more about the Town's response during the public hearing on Patch.

rob July 14, 2011 at 02:53 AM
Dispels Myths and Lies Kaiman and Dwyer started about the club. Never did Dwyer talk to the people about the real cost involved in the take over of the club, or the price to maintain the property. Kaiman was lost during the meeting and to say he Dispelled anything is a untrue statement. The People in the room Dispelled The Myths and Lies of the Kaiman and Dwyer show………….


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