Maragos Talks Taxes with Herricks Seniors

Nassau County Comptroller holds Q&A with seniors at Herricks Community Center.

Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos recently held a talk with Herricks seniors at the community center on Jan. 22 to discuss the current state of the county’s economy and the role his office plays in saving taxpayers money.

Maragos has been visiting many senior centers to answer questions on county programs and offering advice regarding senior issues and communicating that the his office is available to them as an advocate.

Many of the seniors were very concerned about their high property taxes, especially school taxes and what could be done. The comptroller stated that Governor Cuomo’s 2 percent tax cap should help, but asked that seniors continue to contact their state legislators for additional relief for seniors without children in school. The county does not have jurisdiction regarding schools.

Seniors who are aged 65 and older whose annual income does not exceed $79,500 are eligible for enhanced STAR and must refile annually. A renewal application will be received annually.

The comptroller’s office is available to assist seniors in self-filing property tax grievances. If seniors have any questions they can feel free to contact the comptroller’s office at 516-571-2383.

Maragos said that it is “absolutely” worth filing a property tax grievance since “about 85 percent of homeowners who file grievances receive an adjustment.”

He urged all homeowners to file grievances prior to April 30, 2013. The comptroller’s office will be available to assist those homeowners who want to personally file. Maragos also cautioned that when using a Tax Representative firm to file a grievance, “you should ensure that you understand how the firm will be calculating their fee.”

When asked what impact is the state of the Nassau’s economy was having on seniors directly, specifically with services that seniors might see cut, scaled back or discontinued or otherwise affect them, Maragos stated that “no senior programs have been reduced or eliminated at the County level that I am aware.”

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