Miss Teen New Hyde Park Plans Youth Events for Village

Alexandra Rasch begins effort to publicize youth talent show and movie night.

Miss Teen New Hyde Park Alexandra Rasch is planning a series of events for school-aged children, making the announcement at the December 4 meeting of the New Hyde Park Village Board at the village hall.

“The main priority is to publicize, not just have them attend,” she said of the youth of the community as well as their families. “We want people to know about it.”

She asked the board for their permission to make posters and fliers advertising a proposed monthly movie night and post the fliers around the village and schools. She also felt that the “Spotlight: New Hyde Park” event has not been advertised enough, asking to collaborate with trustee Donald Barbieri, asking for an accurate description of the event in order to effectively market the planned youth talent show.

“I discussed it with some of my students and my chorus teacher and we had no idea about it,” she said, wanting to make posters and fliers as well for the “American Idol”-style event that would showcase talents of the village youth. Rasch also wants to host a storytelling night every other month in night or afternoon for those 8 or under in Marcus Christ Hall.

“I think that if we do more events like this the children will meet more of their peers because eventually they’re going to go to the New Hyde Park Memorial High School and as of right now they don’t know each other,” she said. “I had no idea who people from Garden City Park were and Manor Oaks and all of them so I feel like if we bond them all together we’ll definitely have a more unified community.”

The biggest problem the village has with events is not dates, but “people to run it, people to publicize it,” deputy mayor Robert Lofaro said, joining the other board members in giving their blessing to her efforts. “It’s generally like any other organization, it’s the same people who do the same thing all the time and we need outreach, we need people to get involved.”

Barbieri stated that the director of music at the school is involved in the project and a flier was sent home with all the elementary students the previous week.

While “it had always been our desire and vision,” Lofaro said of the movie night, “but we just need people to run those things.”

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Alexandra Rasch December 09, 2012 at 01:08 AM
This is Miss New Hyde Park Teen, I would like to be contacted in order to use a more flattering picture due to the fact that the pageant is 6 weeks away and every detail will be investigated! Thank you very much, Alexandra Rasch


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