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Nassau Republicans Table Redistricting Proposal

But also introduce amendments that reunite some communities.

After a New York State Supreme Court judge issued a temporary restraining order last week that prevents Nassau Republicans from implementing proposed redistricting, GOP legislators on Monday introduced amendments to the planned map and then tabled it.

Democratic legislators briefly walked out of the legislature and refused to participate in the vote to table the proposed redistricting, saying that no one in the party had seen the amendments.

“We’re going to table the item until the legal ramifications are studied by the county attorney,” Presiding Officer Peter Schmitt, R-Massapequa, said. He added that after sifting through the “Democratic show” at last week’s public hearing on redistricting, about 100 pages of amendments were written up.

The adjustments undo some of the changes to the county’s legislative lines that had some speakers up in arms at last week's meeting. Some of the changes include restoring portions of East Meadow to Legislator Norma Gonsalves’ district, shifting parts of the Five Towns — including all of Cedarhurst back to District 7. Additionally, all of Bellmore and a portion of Merrick would be included in District 5.

Additionally, under the original proposal, all of Wantagh would be included in the 5th Legislative District, while Seaford would be added to Republican Denise Ford’s district. Currently part of 6th District, Malverne is represented by Republican Francis Becker but would be moved to the 7th Legislative District, where Republican Howard J. Kopel serves as legislator.

Schmitt once again found himself defending the redistricting process, saying the County Charter requires the legislature to act within six months of the release of census data, and that population shifts have created unacceptable deviations among the districts.

Echoing a point many minority speakers made at last week’s hearing, Hempstead civil rights attorney Frederick Brewington alleged the proposed map dilutes the minority vote and makes it less likely for their choice of candidate to win elected office.

“What was proposed was an atrocity. What was proposed was not redistricting, but radical redistricting,” said Brewington, who presented the legislature with his own “alternative plan.” “It made a mockery of the Voting Rights Act. All of the people I’ve spoken to do not agree with the process and ramming it down people’s throats.”

The redistricting fight lands back in court on May 26.

Bill Christofidis May 18, 2011 at 12:59 PM
Sections 112-114 of the Nassau County charter describe the rules...I do not see where it says "public input". I am posting the link for all to visit and read. If any of you find anything juicy, please feel free to post. This has nothing to do with Dem or Rep, but has to do with being responsibly involved in your government. It shouldnt matter who you voted for, rules are rules and all these politicans need to learn to start following them, from a local level to a national level and stop BS'ing the public with agenda speak (one way or the other). Honest govt, WOOH, now there is a grand idea. http://www.nassaucountyny.gov/website/GenericServices/docs/NassauCountyCharter_Dec2010.pdf
Frank Scarangella May 19, 2011 at 04:32 PM
tell that to the democrats.....you and your leftwing pals have had control for years you call what do you have now everything the democrats has an explation and everything the republicans do is illegal. and dead democrats voteing is ok with the voteing rights act?
Frank Scarangella May 19, 2011 at 04:33 PM
why does the patch let shills for the evil democrats in this citizens forum
Robert Demarco May 19, 2011 at 05:21 PM
Everyone is entitled to an opinion. That does not make them evil. Both parties take advantage when in office, but the Nassau Republicans have brought it to new heights over the years. I only go as far back as D'Amato and Margiotta (didn't he go to jail?), but I am sure it went on long before that. The democrats have not had much opportunity over the years. By the way, I am a regisitered independent, so I have no ax to grind.
Scott Clarke May 19, 2011 at 05:46 PM
Frank S...you ask why patch allows dem shills in this forum (and deletes or closes threads that are favorable to repubs)? Two words........ ARIANNA HUFFINGTON as to robt demarco....he says both parties take advantage, but the repubs are worse, lol. And that is based on what? That you despise repubs? I guess it is also documented evidence that you use when you state "but i am sure it went on long before that." You can say your independent, but your posts on patch reveal what you believe in. It's fine to believe in something, but why hide it? Be proud! Wrong, but proud. : ) Now lean forward.


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