New Hyde Park Auxiliary Police Car Out of Service

Captain John Concannon explained to the Village board that the auxiliary police's activities are restricted because it has no functioning car.

The who patrol New Hyde Park does not have a functioning car and therefore is restricted, Captain John Concannon told the on Tuesday night.

The two cars that the unit has cannot go on the road. Vehicle 2121 has "ignition key module failure," Concannon said; vehicle 2161 was a loaner from New Cassel that was taken to the for repairs in July but has been determined to be too expensive to repair. Concannon asked the Village board for their help in this matter.

To enable the auxiliary police to patrol New Hyde Park and the surrounding area, they have been loaned vehicles from Great Neck and Stewart Manor. Concannon explained though that when these areas loan out their vehicles they are then unable to patrol their own areas by car. Concannon thanked these areas for the loan of their cars and thanked , R-NHP, for getting the police an extra portable radio package.

There is a car parked in the Village parking lot; this is one of the cars that cannot run currently. A resident called the lack of functioning vehicles in New Hyde Park "a disgrace."


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