New Hyde Park Gym Looks to Convert Space to Dance Studio

Twin Park Fitness seeks to change first floor to dance studio while warehouse will house cars.

Prior to their budget hearing on April 2, the New Hyde Park Village Baord held a pair of special use hearings. There were two separate requests: the first a proposed dance studio on Jericho Turnpike and the second was a proposed automobile storage on Fourth Avenue.

Dance Studio

In a very brief request, on 15 Jericho Turnpike is looking to add a dance studio to its first floor. The dance studio is currently located down the block on Jericho Turnpike. The studio is already distinguished with students and is simply looking to relocate.

Automobile Storage

Outside investors would like to come in and create a sales, service preparation and/or inspection of vehicles and motor vehicles at an existing warehouse on Fourth Avenue. Steven Novenstein, one of the principals of the company is planning to take the existing warehouse located at 1401 Fourth Ave. and convert it into a storage facility for people who collect cars.

Most of the vehicles would be high-end, collectable cars and would remain in the warehouse unless the driver decides to swap one of the cars out. The building would have high security and the new partners are planning on improving the outside of building and the surrounding areas.

Both cases have been sent to the Nassau County Planning Commission.


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