New Hyde Park Mayor Offers Thanks on 2012 Street Fair

Mayor Daniel Petruccio thanks crews and village staff.

Mayor Daniel Petruccio added his commendations Tuesday night during the regular meeting of the village board on the 2012 village street fair to village employee Janet Bevers “for tireless effort on your part, making it look so easy when we know it wasn’t and I want to thank everyone else in the village hall that helped; it was a team effort, Tom (Gannon) running the work crews.”

“What amazes me is the volume of people that will actually pass through the streets at the peak and then within hours after the end of the event, you don’t notice that we even had a street fair, it really does look like the place is back to normal. I think the car show has become an annual event that people look forward to. What I think was most appealing this year is that I think the vendors really went further down toward Covert. Usually that Covert area’s really sparse and this year I felt it was as busy down there as it was at any other point in the street fair.”

This year the village sold more spaces to more vendors than in previous years. The final accounting of revenues should be available within the next two weeks.

“Ultimately our goal is to make a great day for the community with little financial burden on the taxpayers,” Petruccio said. “The goal is to offset our expenses with the revenue from the vendors, the portion of the revenue we receive. It really is the one day that you can actually see the whole community in a snapshot.”


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