New Hyde Park Near Finish for Post-Sandy Cleanup

Estimated total cost of damage from storm and cleanup in $300,000 range.

The Village of New Hyde Park will soon complete the reconstruction phase of its recovery from the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy after cleaning up over 70 trees that were toppled due to the super storm.

“Most of the cement work has been done where we replaced sidewalks, curbs and now we’re going to refill the topsoil,” deputy mayor Robert Lofaro said during the December 4 meeting of the village board at the village hall. “We still have some areas that need some attention, but for the most part the majority of that work is done.”

The work was completed on December 3 and 4, but one large issue still remains: the debris pile at the department of public works that needs to be removed.

However, the large trunks and branches are now mixed in with yard waste from the village and Nassau County is now stating they will not remove the rest of the pile “because they can only take clean wood,” Lofaro said, meaning tree branches and trunks.

“Tom (Gannon) and I spoke about that today and we haft to figure out the DOT or whatever other options that we have available to us to remove that pile and get that area back to good shape,” the deputy mayor added.

Thus far the village has paid between $40,000 and $50,000 in bills related to the storm. It is estimated that the total cost of the storm will be about $300,000.

“Of which we’re desperately hoping to get reimbursed for,” mayor Daniel Petruccio said of the estimated total. “This is like our second go-around because we did this last year, sort of like a preemptive practice round so now this year we’re a little bit better prepared. And they’re very, it’s safe to say they’re fairly cooperative in terms of wanting to help us so we feel good that something positive’s going to come out of it.”

The village held a meeting with its FEMA contact person on December 4.

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