New Hyde Park Village Board Maps Out 2012 Road Project

Village board lists road sections being considered for road reconstruction project.

With the calendar turning over to March, the New Hyde Park Village Board continued its preparations toward .

The village’s engineering firm of Dvirka and Bartilucci has conducted multiple road evaluations and surveys to determine which roads are in the most need of being fixed.

“We have been speaking with our consulting engineers Dvirka and Bartilucci regarding selection of roads,” New Hyde Park Deputy Mayor Robert Lofaro said during Tuesday night’s meeting at the . “After they proposed what roads they felt we would be able to do under a project, we as a board went out and actually reviewed some of these roads.”

Lofaro and fellow trustee Lawrence Montreuil spent one of their Sundays driving around the village confirming the findings of the engineering evaluation.

“We wanted to make sure that what they are recommending is in accordance with what we believe with the roads should be done.”

The road improvement project has been divided into two parts for bid with a base list of roads made up of roads that are in the worst condition which need to be repaved as soon as possible and four alternative road sections that are also in need of work, but are in better shape. The village has been conducting evaluations of its roads for the past 12 years.

The list of the roads in the base and alternative projects are as follows:

Base Project

  • 3rd Avenue from Covert Street to Wayne Avenue
  • 3rd Avenue from Wayne Street to Premier Boulevard
  • 1st Avenue from South 8th Street to Covert Avenue
  • South 12th Street from 4th Avenue to 5th Avenue
  • South 10th Street from 2nd Avenue to 1st Avenue
  • South 11th Street from 6th Avenue to the village line
  • South 12th Street from 3rd Avenue to 4th Avenue
  • 10th Avenue from Premier Boulevard to the village line
  • South 10th Street from 6th Avenue to the village line
  • Brooklyn Avenue from Hillside Boulevard to North 3rd Street
  • Brooklyn Avenue from North 3rd Street to North 2nd Street
  • 5th Avenue from New Hyde Park Road to South 14th Street

Alternatives (in order to be done)

  • South 12th Street from 1st Avenue to Jericho Turnpike
  • South 12th Street from 2nd Avenue to 1st Avenue
  • South 12th Street from 5th Avenue to 6th Avenue
  • 6th Avenue from Premier Boulevard to the west end

Before these road sections will see any type of improvement, designs need to be drawn up and these designs come with a price tag. The base project will cost approximately $82,00 while alternatives will add approximately $40,000, for a total of $120,000.

The board has asked its engineering firm of Dvirka and Bartilucci for an estimated price for the project with the figure coming in at approximately $1.5 million.

The board had planning on floating $1.2 million bond to pay for part of the project and using some of the village’s own as well, but that money may not cover the entire project. 

“What I propose we do is authorize D&B at this point to do the design work for the base project at a cost of $82,000 and the first three Add/Alternatives for South 12th Street for the addition cost of about $21,000,” Lofaro said.

The deputy mayor also suggested removing the last alternate section of 6th Avenue from Premier Boulevard to the west end because of financial reasons. The design for the final road would cost approximately $14,000 but the actual roadwork would cost approximately $184,000.

“I suggest, we hold off on 6th Avenue at the moment because we may not have enough money to do the road,” he said. “There’s no sense spending $14,000 in engineering service putting in a bid document if we don’t even know if we can do it.”

Of all the alternate road sections, 6th Avenue has the most surface area in need of reconstruction and would cost the village the most money.

The board did not make a decision on whether or not to include 6th Avenue from any of the design plans.


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