New Hyde Park Village Board Passes Tax Cap Override for 2013 Budget

Law allows village to go above 2 percent tax cap if necessary.

The New Hyde Park Village Board passed a measure at its regular meeting on Feb. 5 allowing the municipality to go override the state’s 2 percent tax cap law if it deems necessary.

The board held a public hearing for the local law to grant the board the authorization to exceed the 2 percent tax cap imposed by the state and there were no objections voiced by any members of the public present.

“Like we did last year, so that we can budget responsibly,” deputy mayor Robert Lofaro said of the passing of the measure. “(It) does not mean we will exceed the 2 percent tax cap, it just gives us the authority to do so if necessary. We budget very conservatively.”

The state tax cap law can be overridden by a local law, but requires a 60 percent majority of the board, in New Hyde Park’s case of five trustees, a minimum of three votes, the same to adopt a budget. The override must to be enacted every year by a village board and is only effective for that single budget year. However, the village does not get to decide if it is under the cap, as all final figures must be sent to the state for tabulation.

The board passed an override during the last fiscal year in November 2011. There were no other questions or comments from the board or the public during the hearing.

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