New Hyde Park Village Notebook: July 19

Here are some of the highlights of the meeting.

If you missed Tuesday's Village of New Hyde Park board meeting, here are the highlights:

  • Trustee Richard Coppola reminded residents to call 911 when there is an issue rather than calling the . 
  • With the new multi-purpose court at Memorial Park, usage will be limited to one hour unless there is no one behind you, Coppola said.
  • Department of Public Works Superintendent Tom Gannon discussed tree trimmings in the Village, noting that he has been able to save some money by using the company that does this during their downtime. Mayor Daniel Petruccio added that residents should have their trees trimmed within a 12-month period and if that does not happen, the person should call the DPW to make sure they are on the list.
  • Around August 1, the new parking meters where a quarter will pay for a half hour of parking rather than one hour will be in place. "This is about trying to create different sources of revenue," Petruccio said.
  • The voucher parking fees will also be changed from $3 to $4. This is the first change in parking fees in about 10 years, Petruccio said.
  • Trustee Donald Barbieri noted that the New Hyde Park Museum, which has a Facebook page with a similar name, will have their first booth at this year's street fair. He added that this is an "off-budget project" where the group will be looking for grants from businesses and fraternal organizations.
  • There were 62 building permits in the month of June, Trustee Lawrence Montreuil said. He added that compared to other recent Junes, this number is a little higher.
  • The Village is also working with the Nassau County Police Department on not having people scavenge through others' trash. No one other than the Department of Public Works can take trash from the sidewalk; at that point, it belongs to the Village.
  • After a recent incident near Nuzzi Field, Petruccio discussed the issue of the language of some young people in the area. Four letter words are becoming increasingly popular and Petruccio encouraged people not to engage in arguments but rather to "use our staff to admonish bad behavior."


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