New Hyde Park Village Preps for 2012 Roadwork Project

Village board is preparing bids for the proposed summer road reconstruction project.

The New Hyde Park Village Board has begun preparations for their 2012 summer road improvement project.

Village engineers have already evaluated the roads with the number of roads being repaved subject to the amount of funding available.

The engineering firm of Dvirka and Bartilucci have already completed surveys of the village the roads to determine any changes to the roads as well as the exact nature of the repairs.

“We have a standard rating of the roads from ‘A’ to ‘F’,” Mayor Daniel Petruccio said at the most recent village board meeting Tuesday night at the .

The mayor reported that a number of construction firms have come submitted low bids to restore the streets.

“The good news is because the construction work is a little slow right now many of the firms are coming in with very good numbers on bids, which can help us do more roadwork,” Petruccio said.

The village has divided the project into several parts: a number of primary roads for a specific dollar amount and two additional alternate projects, which can be sent out for bid separately.

“Two things I can tell you, there will be people who will be happy with the outcome and there will be some people who will not be happy with the outcome because their roads won’t be done,” Petruccio said. “It isn’t because we think certain roads aren’t in need of being redone, it’s just there’s X amount of dollars available and we are spending it as wisely as we can.”


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