New Hyde Park Village Trustee Weighs in on Police Realignment

Trustee Donald Barbieri offers thoughts on merger of eight precincts into four.

Nassau County’s decision to has numerous residents going through a range of emotions, from angry to scared to even glad that the force is “modernizing.”

Still, many residents of New Hyde Park wonder what impact the changes will have on the village, especially services from the Third Precinct.

During Tuesday night’s meeting of the New Hyde Park Village Board at , trustee Donald Barbieri gave his thoughts on the restructuring.

"We all are conscious of the fact that the tax burden on Long Island is burdensome, so real changes must be made to address that fact," he said. "I don't know of another suggestion that was made to have this positive effect on holding down tax increases."

The , the largest in the county, is not among the precincts scheduled to merge under the plan which was adopted by the county legislature on Monday.

"Look, as I understand it, here in New Hyde Park the same precinct will remain open as it does. As a result, we may have more POP officers and community patrol," Barbieri said. 

"In our case, we will have the same number of cars assigned to our area as we normally do. I am guardedly optimistic that it can work work well in New Hyde Park and the village of New Hyde Park."

For other towns on Long Island that do not have the convenience of having a precinct so close to home, but Barbieri said that he was hopeful that .

"I guess I will remain with my eyes open but optimistic that they can make it work," he said.


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