North Hempstead Candidates Discuss Issues: Building Department

See North Hempstead Supervisor Jon Kaiman and his opponent Lee Tu's take on this issue.

One issue in the has been the functioning of the building department. See how and his opponent view the issue.

John A White Jr October 18, 2011 at 02:28 AM
Supervisor Kaiman must be speaking about another town's building department. The Town of North Hempstead's Building Department is a DISGRACE!!! In September of 2008, Supervisor Kaiman conducted a special Town Board meeting at New Hyde Park Memorial High School regarding accessory apartments. During this meeting, Supv. Kaiman stated " I have personally rebuilt the THN Buildings Department and it is now one of the best in New York." In May of 2010, the house behind my house in the unincorporated section of New Hyde Park, was gutted. The contractor ripped out walls, windows, doors, etc. There were NO PERMITS displayed. I, as well as numerous others contacted 311, with NO RESOLUTION!!! The contractor started work on some days as early as 5:30 AM!!! Some evenings, the contractor worked until MIDNIGHT!!! Again, numerous calls to 311 yielded NO RESOLUTION!!! In addition, the contractor worked on this house on Saturdays and Sundays!!! Calls to 311 were USELESS!!! It was only after Councilman Ferrara was contacted that TNH Buildings posted a CEASE AND DESIST order on the front door of this home. Unfortunately, the contractor ignored the TNH Buildings CEASE AND DESIST order!!! Calls to 311 once again, WERE USELESS!!! The contractor worked on this house WITHOUT PERMITS during MAY, JUNE and JULY 2010!!! As a parting gift to the neighbors, this contractor left an overflowing dumpster in the driveway of this home for over SIX WEEKS!!! TNH officials ignored this condition as well.


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