VIDEO: Berman Wins North Hempstead Receiver of Taxes

Charles Berman wins North Hempstead post with nearly 56 percent of vote.

, D-Roslyn Heights, earned nearly 56 percent of the vote to win the Town of North Hempstead Receiver of Taxes race on Tuesday night.

According to the Nassau County Board of Elections, Berman received 19,371 votes to Republican challenger 's 15,276.

Berman has been the Receiver of Taxes since he was appointed to this position in 2010. He was Rocco Iannarelli's replacement.

Centrella said the following on election night, "I want to thank everybody."

After Centrella became speechless, her husband, Paul, added, "I am so proud of the campaign you ran, it’s your first time out of the gate. I think you’ve really started to make the people of North Hempstead realize that they have to demand more from their politicians and I think they’re going to start holding their elected officials a lot more responsible then they have in the past.”

Centrella also issued a statement saying, "I want to thank my campaign team who gave 150 percent throughout the campaign, the people of North Hempstead who took the time and had the confidence to come out to vote for me, my family and friends who stand by me during my first run for office. I am extremely proud of the campaign that I ran... I have been deeply moved by all the people I've met and talked with and this experience only motivates me to continue to find ways to fight for the community. I hope the race I ran also motivates the residents of North Hempstead to demand better from their elected officials and that they know I will be with them fighting the good fight."

Candidates Votes Percent Precincts Charles Berman 19,371 55.90 207 of 207 Jane Centrella 15,276 44.08 207 of 207


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