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Poll: SAT Cheating Scandal

Could New Hyde Park students be the next to admit to cheating?

Newsday reported that two more people surrendered to cheating on college admission tests yesterday, racking the total number of those charged now up to 20.

Michael Pomerantz, 18, of Great Neck North High School pleaded not guilty to felony charges that he accepted $500 to take the SAT for another person.

The other student, whose name was not released because he is charged as a youthful offender, also pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges that he paid someone to take his test.

Newsday reported that the charges against the two follow the arrests last week of 11 current and former students of Nassau County schools, including three for taking tests for other students — Joshua Chefec, 20, a graduate of Great Neck North; Adam Justin, 19, a graduate of North Shore Hebrew Academy; and George Trane, 19, a graduate of Great Neck South High School.

This scandal first exploded in September, and has been a guessing game of “who will confess next” ever since.

Since the September arrests, Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice said her office has looked at as many as 40 possible cheaters, but can charge only a fraction of them because of evidence issues.

Pomerantz and his lawyer Scott Klein of Manhattan declined to comment to Newsday on the issue. 


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