Repair Work on LIRR Fence to Begin Shortly

Repairs should be from South 4th Street through New Hyde Park Road.

The fence repair will be starting soon, noted Department of Public Works Superintendent Tom Gannon at Tuesday's meeting.

Gannon noted that he recently received a proposal for the fence, which will be returned before the end of the week and then repair work will start. This work will be done with FEMA money that is just under $8,000, Gannon said. 

explained that last year's snow from the blizzard put stress on the fence. He added that other areas damaged by car damaged and other parts taken apart by railroad. Lofaro hopes to service the fence from South 4th Street to New Hyde Park Road.

"There might be a little more of a cost to the Village," Lofaro said. "We want to get it done and the company will actually do it right."


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