Rockland Politicos to 'Condemn' Gun Map

Legislator Frank Sparaco and others will gather Friday to disavow The Journal News' interactive map of gun owners in Westchester and Rockland.

In a press release sent out late Wednesday afternoon, Rockland lawmakers announced they will join the growing ranks of public servants and Lower Hudson Valley residents angered by the recent publication of a map pinpointing local gun owners.

The Journal News published an interactive map on LoHud.com Dec. 22 of all legally-licenced pistol permit holders in Westchester and Rockland counties. The decision—one the newspaper continues to support—drew ire from a legion of readers and interest across the nation.

Sen. Greg Ball (R-Putnam/Westchester) assailed the map, and has vowed to prevent a similar map to chart Putnam—even if his efforts are illegal.

Now, politicos west of the Hudson are echoing sentiments akin to Sen. Ball's.

"Rockland County Legislator Frank Sparaco will announce a resolution to condemn the decision by The Journal News to post the names and addresses of lawful pistol permit holders in Rockland and Westchester Counties," the release reads.

Sparaco will be joined by Legislators Jay Hood, Jr., Aron Wieder, Toney Earl and Christopher Carey at the Friday confence. It is slated for 10:30 a.m. at the Rockland County Legislature Chambers at 11 New Hempstead Rd. in New City.

The map—and the ruckus surrounding it—sprung up shortly after the tragic shooting in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, which left dozens dead inside an elementary school, including several young children.

The Friday conference will also tackle a slate of other gun-related issues, like confidentiality for pistol permit applications, officials said. Lawmakers will also suggest a program that would freely distribute firearm cable safety locks to all legal gun owners in the area.

The conference will draw bipartisan support; the release notes Kristen
Stavisky, the Chairwoman of the Rockland Co. Democratic Party, Vincent
Reda, Chairman of the Rockland Co. Republican Party, John Perrotta,
Chairman of the Rockland Co. Independence Party and Edward Lettre,
Chairman of the Rockland Co. Conservative Party, will all be present.

Atom January 07, 2013 at 12:28 PM
Pat ..." Gun NUTS?" Are you serious?? Do you think someone who retires from the police dept and legally registers his gun for his own protection is a "gun nut".or do you think the guy who buys a gun illegally and does NOT register it is the "GUN NUT??" Let me explain real slowly why these people on this JN map have guns... B E C A U S E T H E Y C A N .....it's the LAW!!
Atom January 07, 2013 at 12:38 PM
Using your logic Alan, "for the safety of our children", we need to know who in our neighborhood has had an abortion, so we can know who would knowingly kill children And " for the safety of our children" we need to know who is "hiding" arrest records "busted for smoking pot, or got a DWI", and perhaps who drinks alcohol at home in front of children.....lets make an interactive map of all those receiving a government handout....what, you don't think so...why not?? That's my money paying for their bills..Alan, when does it end, where is your line in the sand not to cross?
Charlotte G. Swift January 07, 2013 at 01:18 PM
Well, then you still don't know, and the map hadn't helped you a bit. Who is illegally-possessing guns in your neightborhood? Who has been convicted of committing crimes using them? How about the names/addresses of convicted felons of every stripe? Well, the convictions are also a matter of public record, but the J-N hasn't published them. That's a list that might help you - not the list of the people your kids could run to for protection should someone try to hurt them, - that's the list you have now. For the safety of your children? Really, that is ridiculous - say it out loud a few times and you will realize it, maybe. If that were your concern, you had the ability to FOIL the info from the County Clerk. Proof that that you are just parroting the only reason anyone from the left to try to justify this outrage, is that no one is in a better position to talk to their neighbors they want to send their children to. Rely on a map instead? You must be elitist from the left - those are the only people who would fear and vilify their law-abiding neighbors while hypocritically supporting the ACLU to "get justice" for prisoners who have been convicted of committing violent crimes. Hide your kids from the real problem.
amerpatriot January 07, 2013 at 03:47 PM
Alan , I respectfully submit that your inflammatory statements have no basis of fact. Agreed, we do not live in a vigilante society. But Americans do have the right to defend themselves. An automobile owner is not automatically a drunk driver. A gun owner is not automatically a vigilante. A vilgilante is an aggressor. Someone owning a firearm for protection is a defender, not an assailant. You have the right to decide not to be a gun owner. You do not have a right to demand that others choose as you do. If you don't want to defend yourself or your family in the best safest way possible, still that is your choice. You have that freedom. But you cannot mandate that everyone else has to be a victim. Every car that has killed someone due to drunk driving was owned legally as well.
Atom January 09, 2013 at 05:07 AM
HMmmmm..... Journal news subscribers since posting map .........Down 40%.......whats wrong with the other 60%????i I guess they like having having all their business known.. Lets see how long the JN stays in business.. Can't wait to see the advertisers flee ...


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