Sewanhaka Board of Ed Notebook: Feb. 15

Here are some of the highlights of the meeting.

If you missed the Board of Education meeting on Feb. 15, here are some highlights.

  • Superintendent noted that "it's been a very difficult week here at the Sewanhaka Central High School District." There was a moment of silence for the three what Meierdiercks called "youngsters" who recently passed away. Akash James, a Floral Park Memorial senior, was in a fatal car accident on Feb. 11. Two former Sewanhaka High School students Brendon McCrae and Naquan Bell also died in a car crash on Feb. 13.
  • The next district budget meeting will be on March 1 in the Central Administration Office, Meierdiercks said.
  • A parent from Franklin Square questioned the $692 price of computers and said these computers probably could have been purchased more cheaply. Meierdiercks noted that these are projected prices and that they might come in lower than that.
  • A parent of a student in H. Frank Carey High School asked if a different plan could be devised for the ESL students who have been housed in this high school for the past 10 years. "Our school and community faces a multitude of problems and challenges each and every day," she said, referring to having these students and students from other programs at Carey. She cited that these are another 200 bodies crowding the hallways. "The excess is taking its toll on our streets and our community," she added. The parent cited that no other school in the district is facing anywhere near the same situation as Carey's. She asked the board to consider having each school educate the students in their own communities rather than busing them all to Carey.
  • There were several parents who supported this position with applause after the mother spoke. Another parent questioned why the board didn't have a response. Board President Jean Fichtl said they couldn't comment because the situation needed to be investigated. Meierdiercks added that some schools, like Elmont Memorial, are more crowded than Carey. He said all of the schools have enough room in their cafeterias and hallways. "You are heard and the board will discuss these kinds of things in executive session" and then the board will "hopefully" get back to these people at the next meeting, Meierdiercks responded to the parent's concerns.
  • A mother at the meeting added that her son wants to play baseball and asked if an ESL student will be picked before him. Meierdiercks said these students are "able to participate in the total school program." The concerned mother then asked if her son could play for another school in the district, to which Meierdiercks explained that he can't because he's zoned to Carey. The mother then wondered if these ESL students who are not part of Carey's zone and are being bussed to there for this program could play for their home teams. Meierdiercks responded that those students "home school", because of the ESL program, is Carey.


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