Upcoming NHP Chamber Projects

The chamber continues to thrive in New Hyde Park.

During the 50th anniversary celebration of the New Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce on Jan. 19, announcements were made about new projects the chamber is currently involved in.

Replacing Two Steak and Sushi Den

JoAnn Winkhart, who did Corporate Relations Development for the former , announced that “although we are sad to see it go, we are really excited about the new concept, which will be opening hopefully Feb. 9, but definitely no later than Valentine’s Day.”

The new Mexican-themed restaurant will be named K. Pacho Cocina N Tequila, which Winkhart said K. Pacho loosely translates to “bring the party.”

“It’s going to be a much easier price point to invite the everyday diner and families on weekends as well, so we’re hoping that everyone will come out and try us,” Winkhart said. “It’s going to be a great, fun environment.”

New Hyde Park Village Museum

Mayor Daniel Petruccio announced that the village and the chamber are working together to create a New Hyde Park museum in the basement of village hall.

“About a year ago we started fixing around the idea of doing something in the basement, which used to be our library years ago before we closed because of the school district opening on Lakeville Road,” Petruccio said. “One of the ideas that came up was, we don’t really have an expository for all the great photos and memorabilia for this community that’s been around since over 75 years.”

In partnership with the chamber, the plan is to open a museum that is dedicated to New Hyde Park, but due to hard economic times, Petruccio said the village can’t sponsor the museum all by itself.

“We asked for volunteers and our [history] committee was formed and we’re in agreement with them to allow them to use our space in the basement,” Petruccio explained. “The chamber’s going to be a big part of it because so much of the history of New Hyde Park Village is along Jericho Turnpike.”

Most of the paperwork is finished for the project and there is some grant money, but Petruccio said the museum isn’t likely to be up and running for a while.

“It has to start with something,” Petruccio said. “The committee is growing and the interest is there.”

To access the history committee’s Facebook page, click here.  


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