Village of New Hyde Park to Have One-Stop Shopping

The Department of Public Works, Building Department and Clerk's office will all be in the Village hall.

The Village of New Hyde Park will have what Deputy Mayor Robert Lofaro called "one-stop shopping" soon when the Public Works and Building departments as well as the Clerk's office are housed in the .

Lofaro discussed the renovations of Village hall at the Village Board meeting Tuesday night, noting that some office staff will be moving around to accomodate the Public Works and Building departments' needs.

"This will be the headquarters for all three departments," Lofaro explained.

This change gives the new superintendent of Public Works, , an office in both Village hall and the Department of Public Works building, Lofaro said. There are no plans to get rid of the Department of Public Works building; it will be used for storage and it will continue to house lockers and office space, Lofaro noted.

Lofaro also mentioned at the meeting that the Board has started interviewing people for the administrative assistant position in the Public Works department. This person will be answering phones, documenting issues from residents and handling other administrative work for the superintendent, Lofaro explained.


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