Center Street Students are ‘Thankful 4’

Center Street create artwork showing things for which they are thankful.

The events of the past two weeks have affected us all deeply. Children have emotions and needs that need particular support. The Arts often help to aid in the process of strengthening spirit and moving forward.

The art students at Center Street Elementary School in Herricks were given the challenge to create artwork that focuses on aspects of their life that they are – “Thankful 4.” Each child was asked to create a piece that showed four things that make their life happy, productive and make their lives richer. Possibilities might include special people in their lives, personal objects, as well as giving generous service to others.

The students took quality time to reflect on their lives and created a unique piece of art that spoke to who they are, what they feel is important, and the special things that make them lifelong learners – growing from all experiences.


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