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Herricks Allocates Additional 2012-13 Budget Funds

School board puts aside funds for additional personnel, technology and sports.

The Herricks Board of Education decided during their regular meeting at the Thursday night how they wanted to allocate for the 2012-13 budget.

Some costs and additional funds for the 2012-13 budget have changed leading to the extra $281,000. A breakdown of the changes is as follows:

  • an increase in state aid of $155,000.
  • a reduction in BOCES administration costs of $31,000.
  • Five teacher retirements which added $220,000.
  • lower teacher retirement system rate of $280,000.

There were also additions to the budget of:

  • annual professional performance review costs of $175,000.
  • special education budget increase of $230,000.

The board is planning on taking $22,000 of the $281,000 and putting that toward intramural sports. Board president Christine Turner explained that the board’s goal with this was to “keep something of the flavor or what we used to have in the program.”

Fellow trustee Dr. Sanjay Jain suggested that $218,000 be set aside for personnel to help staff classes that might need additional manpower. Turner agreed that having extra teaching personnel is a “top priority.” The board is going to be putting $233,000 toward personnel.

Trustee James Gounaris again voiced his belief that investing in technology is “wise” because it would be “an investment in something going forward.” He wanted to have $26,000 of the budget go toward laptops and a cart that could be used in one of the buildings in the district. Gounaris added that this funding would impact 150 students a day and would last for the next approximately five years.


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