Herricks Board Continues Talks with Teachers Association

Trustees asked what the HTA would do if they were in the board’s position regarding costs.

In response to Herricks Board of Education President Christine Turner’s question about what the Herricks Teachers Association would suggest the board do if they were in the board’s position, HTA President Jane Morales suggested speaking to the union again and seeing if the district can go over the two percent tax cap and receive a 60 percent approval.

During an October 18 meeting of the board at the community center, trustee Nancy Feinstein said that she did not “really see that as a viable option,” referring to the idea that the district exceed the state-imposed 2 percent tax cap. She added that she thought getting last year’s budget result was not easy.

“It would be great if we had the slightest inkling that it would work,” Feinstein said of the 60 percent vote.

Turner said that if the budget didn’t pass with the 60 percent vote, the budget situation would change greatly.

“We’re doing the best we can,” board vice-President James Gounaris said. “Our hands are tied... I won’t sit here as a volunteer and let this successful district become New York City.”

Turner added that she wanted the HTA to pass along the board’s sentiment that they appreciate the teachers and other staff taking on larger class sizes and sometimes handling two or three different positions.

Morales said that she thinks the district has come together more as a result of the budget cuts and a greater need to work together.


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