Herricks Board of Ed Notebook: Feb. 2

Other news from the February 2 board of education meeting.

The Herricks Board of Education held a meeting on Thursday, Feb. 2. Here’s a look at some of the things you may have missed.

High School Fire Alarm Replacement

  • The board approved a resolution to declare emergency and provide funding for the replacement of the fire alarm control panel at .
  • “The current [system] is as old as the building,” Director of Facilities Jim Brown said. “Lately it has been having seizures and we’ve been trying to nurse it along as best that we can, but it’s at the point right now where…it can’t go anymore.”
  • Brown is asking for the money to replace the fire alarm and hopes to get the approval as soon as possible to install the alarm over the February break.

2012 Summer Recreation Program

  • As last year, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction Dr. Deidre Hayes recommended that there be no increase in fees and no increase in salaries for the 21012 Summer Recreation Program.
  • “This is the second year in a row that we won’t be increasing the salaries or the fees,” Hayes said. “The program is a self-sustaining program, it runs on a very tight budget, but we keep trying to keep it steady because of the financial situation for everyone.”
  • Hayes stated that the district is still in the process of hiring a new director for the program and a brochure with complete information and updates will be sent out shortly.


  • The board accepted three donations at the meeting:
    • a Weider Total Body Works fitness apparatus from Lucille Romano
    • various office supplies to the Center Street Elementary School from Vivian K. Sin
    • a , Amplifier and Carrying Case to the district from the Herricks Music Boosters Association.
  • As an addendum to the agenda, the board accepted a gift of 38 desktop computer systems and two laserjet printers from the Sobhraj family, Zara Realty, 166-07 Hillside Ave., Jamaica, N.Y. The equipment will be used to upgrade the computer lab and library at Center Street Elementary School. Due to budgetary cuts 2 years ago, these upgrades could not be made at that time. The computer lab will receive 30 computers and one color laserjet printer, taking the place of existing computers that are approximately 6 years old.
  • The library will receive eight computers and one laserjet black printer, which will allow for the replacement of the existing older computers and add a laserjet printer.
  • The board accepted several gifts to the scholarship fund in the name of Craig Lagnese Scholarship Fund, totaling $17,250. The board noted that donations will continue.

Other Board News

  • Dr. Hayes announced that the Herricks Varsity cheerleaders took first place in a recent cheerleading competition, and the junior varsity cheerleading team took second place.
  • Board President Christine Turner announced that applications for the transportation to private and parochial schools for the 2012-13 school year must be received in the Transportation Office by Monday, April 2. 


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