Herricks Opts Out of Field Testing Students

Board of education cites lack of benefits for students as reason for discontinuing testing.

The Herricks Board of Education voted on Thursday night during its regular board meeting at the community center to not participate in field testing.

The district is not taking part in this stand-alone field testing, which vice president James Gounaris explained is when one school is picked at random for testing.

“We’re done. We don’t need to test anyone else,” Gounaris said.

Assistant Superintendent Helen Costigan said that this field testing has no benefit for the students and takes them out of instructional time to do this testing.

“We are disturbed that the state education department does not seem to have to have a coherent and comprehensive plan of test development and field testing,” the board’s resolution, which was approved Thursday night, said. “We were deeply disturbed that SED [State Education Department] officials waited until mid-September 2012 to notify Herricks and other districts about stand-alone field tests for mid-October 2012.”


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