New Hyde Park Academy of Finance Holds 22nd Graduation

Former academy members return to help welcome 23 newest alumni.

The following article was submitted by Christine Teetz.

The Academy of Finance celebrated its 22nd Annual Graduation Dinner on Monday, June 11, 2012 at . The evening began with Christine Teetz, Academy of Finance Program Manager of New Hyde Park Memorial High School, introducing the guest speakers, advisory board members, administration and faculty present.

At this year’s dinner three Academy of Finance Alumni returned as guest speakers to share their own personal journey and advice for the graduates: Jennifer Errigo, Class of 2000; Nelson Walker, Class of 2001 and Daniel Arce, Class of 2005. Each speaker shared their own personal journey in the Academy of Finance program and the impact that the academy has had on their lives.

“It is truly rewarding to hear our Academy of Finance graduates share their success stories with our students,” District Business Coordinator Debra Stein-Silberlust said. “In their own way, each speaker discussed how they felt that much of their success could be attributed to the invaluable knowledge they gained through the Academy of Finance Program at .”

There were a number of awards, monetary scholarships, and certificates presented throughout the evening. Nassau County Legislator Richard Nicolello, R-New Hyde Park, presented Valedictorian Abigael Hawley and Salutatorian Nirmala Singh with citations.

In recognition of his upcoming retirement, the Academy of Finance recognized Michael DeMartino, New Hyde Park Memorial High School Principal for the past 4 years and advisory board member, for his contributions, commitment to excellence and unending support.

DeMartino presented the Gerard Connors Academic Excellence Awards to Abigael Hawley, Nirmala Singh, Elissa Pehr and Mercedez Martinez for attaining the highest averages in Academy of Finance coursework over the past 4 years. John Paccione, Chairperson of the Academy of Finance Advisory Board, presented Jeremy Johnson and Diana Gardella each with a $100 award in honor of their many achievements. This year’s recipient of the Principal’s Award was Angelique Vito and the Michael S. Krolick Program Manager’s Award went to Nicole Ulrich. 

Valley National Bank, formerly State Bank of Long Island, presented the Ron Thiem Memorial Scholarship to Savannah Campana in honor of her successful summer internship in their Bank Operation’s department. The Greater New Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce awarded two $500 scholarships to Eagle Scout Joseph D’Amico and Jennifer Morga in recognition of their hard work in the Academy of Finance and many hours of community service.

This year, the presented a $250 scholarship to John Stevens for his many achievements and his plan to select business as a major in college. For the first year, teacher Mrs. Lyn Riley, presented the School Store Recognition Award to student volunteers Nirmala Singh, Nicole Ulrich and Jennifer Morga for their many years of service to the New Hyde Park School Store. Lastly, The Certificates of Financial Studies were presented by New Hyde Park-Garden City Park Board of Education member David Del Santo,

Sewanhaka Superintendent Dr. Ralph Ferrie, Principal DeMartino and District Coordinator of Business Education Debra Stein-Silberlust. The evening concluded with a iMovie slideshow presentation prepared by senior and Academy of Finance Valedictorian Abigael Hawley.

The Academy of Finance Class of 2012:

  • Savannah Campana
  • Joseph D'Amico
  • Diana Gardella
  • Janelle Gibbs
  • Nadia Gonzalez
  • Abigael A. Hawley
  • Jeremy Johnson
  • JoArlee Macceus-Francois
  • Mercedez Martinez
  • Vinayak Marwaha
  • Melissa Mastoridis
  • Jennifer Morga
  • Jonathan Silva Neves
  • Elissa Pehr
  • Emily Maya Randall
  • Jonathan Rios
  • Anabel Rodriguez
  • Eric Santiago
  • Nicholas Simeoli
  • Nirmala Singh
  • John Stevens
  • Nicole Ulrich
  • Angelique Vito


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