New Hyde Park Memorial Students of the Month: December 2013

These students were named as students of the month for their respective departments.

New Hyde Park Memorial High School student Codi Fletcher. Photo credit: New Hyde Park Memorial High School
New Hyde Park Memorial High School student Codi Fletcher. Photo credit: New Hyde Park Memorial High School
The following students at have been named as students of the month for their respective departments and was submitted by the teachers of the respective departments:

Academy of Finance: Codi Fletcher

  • Codi is an outstanding academic student.
  • Her teachers report that she is a well-mannered, conscientious student, who is a pleasure to have in class.
  • She is also involved in many school and community activities: an active member of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and the Gay Straight Alliance.
  • Codi has been playing soccer most of her life and she is currently the captain of the Girls Varsity Soccer team and runs Varsity Track & Field. 
  • Codi has been inducted into the National Honor Society and the Business Honor Society.
  • Over the summer Codi completed her Academy of Finance summer work-based learning experience at the offices of Gutman, Mintz, Baker & Sonnenfeldt in New Hyde Park.
  • “My summer experience was exciting.  I learned a lot about working in a law firm and, most importantly, came to realize that the experiences that you gain in life are very important in determining your future,” she said.
  • Next year Codi will begin her college career. Her first choice is to attend SUNY Plattsburgh or Potsdam. Codi plans to major in Computer Science and one day become a computer programmer for either Activision or Machinima, Inc.

Social Studies: Tobin James

  • Tobin James is a seventh grade student in Mrs. Doyle's American History and Geography class.
  • For the first marking period, Tobin received a 97 grade point average.
  • He is an enthusiastic student who is always participating in class, works well with others, and hands in excellent homework’s.
  • He comes to class always demonstrating his eagerness to learn and strives to do his best. He was recently voted by his peers to be the Student Congress Representative for his Social Studies Class.

Business: Harman Kaur

  • Harman successfully completed many business courses including Keyboarding, Computer Applications, and Personal Finance.
  • Presently, Harman is enrolled in: Business Law, College Accounting, and College Marketing.
  • Next year, Harman will attend Baruch University where she will study finance.

Art: Katya Keblish

  • As a member of Drawing and Painting class this year, Katya Keblish has shown great competence in all the art assignments that she has undertaken.
  • Her commitment to excellence as well as her attention to detail has afforded her with the opportunity to create some truly beautiful works of art.
  • Katya approaches each new medium or unit with ambition, drive and determination.
  • Throughout the entire art process, Katya maintains a calm, studious and enthusiastic demeanor, which not only serves her well, but also serves as a role model for her classmates to follow.
  • Katya currently has a 100 average, indicative of her outstanding efforts.
  • Currently, one of Katya’s works of art, a rose in watercolor, can be seen in the showcase outside of room 141.
  • Katya is an active participant in afterschool activities, such as being president of the airbrush club, a member of the yearbook club and a varsity soccer player to name a few.

Math: Vinay Maddula

  • Vinay is currently enrolled in Mrs. Pazik’s 10A class where he excels, almost to the point of perfection.
  • He is constantly involved in classroom discussions, whether that be to ask a question about the material being presented or to answer a question.
  • His first marking period average was 99.
  • Vinay is a conscientious, studious young man who always strives to do his best.

Science: Gautam Nayyar

  • Gautam Nayyar is a deeply dedicated student of science.
  • In Physics Advanced class, he is ready and willing to answer all his teacher’s questions. 
  • He frequently asks questions in class that indicate that he is thinking deeply about the subject matter.
  • Gautam was the highest achiever in Mr. Shapiro’s Physics Advanced classes in the first quarter, with an average of over 100 percent for the quarter.
  • In the laboratory, he is very careful with his procedures and his lab write-ups, taking the lab experience very seriously.
  • He also spends as much time as is necessary to assure that he answers 100 percent of his homework questions correctly.
  • Gautam’s interest in science is also evident in his membership on the Science Olympiad team and his contributions to the team. 
  • Last, but not least, Gautam sacrifices his time before school as a participant in the Science Research program.
  • This year Gautam and his lab partner are expanding the experiment they performed last year in electrochemistry. They plan to study the effect of galvanization on the specific heat of metals with industrial applications. 
  • Gautam is enthusiastic in his research and has been awarded a coveted position as a summer research associate in an outside lab.
  • Gautam is an innovative thinker who thoroughly enjoys making connections between disciplines and problem-solving.

Music: Morgan Roth

  • Morgan is an junior and is a member of the New Hyde Park Orchestra program and has played the violin since fourth grade.
  • During this time, she has worked extremely hard and her efforts have paid off. She is currently a member of the Senior High Orchestra, String Ensemble, Pit Orchestra for the musical, and is the Concert Mistress for this year’s Sewanhaka District Festival Orchestra.
  • Morgan is also a participant in the Nassau All-County Orchestra this year.  In order to even be considered to be selected to this group, the student must have a NYSSMA rating of 6A+100.  At last year’s NYSSMA festival, Morgan received this rating.
  • Besides being a great violinist, she also holds the position of Co-Vice President of String Ensemble and is a member of the Tri-M Music Honor Society. 

World Languages: Sara Salomon

  • Sara is an eighth grader in Ms. Mei’s Spanish 8 class.
  • She also likes to help her peers when they need help.
  • Sara is involved in many other activities, which make her a versatile student.  Sara is in the twirling team, volleyball team, and GSA.  Her hobbies include photography, poetry, reading, listening to music, and playing the flute, jazz, and classical piano.

English: Victoria Lee

  • Victoria Lee is a dedicated and hardworking young lady that has truly demonstrated brilliance in her writing. 
  • She has done outstanding work on her autobiographical essay developing a theme within her writing, while at the same time taking a risk in developing this theme.
  • The peak of her brilliance can also be seen in her collegiate level writing skills in analyzing American fiction.

Student Activities: Brian Ambadjes and Michael Zornberg

  • Student Activities would like to congratulate Brian Ambadjes and Michael Zornberg as being chosen as the Students of the Month for Student Activities.
  • Brian is the Treasurer for the Class of 2014 and has helped out his grade tremendously with Homecoming and dues collection.
  • Michael is the class president for the Class of 2014 and works tirelessly on various senior events.
  • These students are great examples of the leaders of the Senior Class.
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