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NHP-GCP Board of Ed Notebook: March 12

Other news from the March 12 board of education meeting.

The Board of Education held a meeting on Monday, March 12. Here are some of the things you may have missed.

Administrators’ Contract

  • Two stipulations of agreement were reached with the NHP-GCP administrators association in regard to a contract for 2010-14 and an APPR agreement.
  • Superintendent Robert Katulak publicly thanked the administrators “for stepping up to the plate for their acceptance of the zero percent for 2 years to help the district and that also for a very painless negotiation regarding their contract and regarding their annual professional performance review (APPR) plan as well and that was very professional of them and we look forward to the other bargaining units doing the same.”
  • Board president Ernest Gentile added his thanks to that of Katulak’s, saying that “everything was done amicably and very professionally.”


The board approved the following personnel changes:

  • Tracy Onorato (childbearing leave)
  • Ashley Vaskas (appointment as substitute teacher)
  • Mary Vaas (resignation as permanent cafeteria monitor)
  • Carla Hasenflue (reassignment from classroom aide to district computer aide)
  • Jeanne Murphy (substitute cafeteria monitor)
  • Tara Roessler (substitute cafeteria monitor)
  • Asparna Srivastava (substitute door monitor)
  • Brian Kalil (resignation as school bus driver).

Election Workers

The following persons were appointed as clerks and/ or inspectors for the annual district vote:

  • Chief Election Inspector/ Chairperson of Election: Grace Ferrara
  • Inspectors of Election: Ernesta de Pinto, Joan Simonetti, Sally Ragusa, Tomaso de Pinto, George Dormani, Thomas Eagan, Dorothy LaBruna, Koseph Koenig
  • Clerks: Stella Boyle, Carol Bruder, Norman D’Ambrosio, Colleen Koenig, Nina Tremblay, Angus Tassone, Angela Soscie.


The board accepted the following donations from the sixth grade parents:

  • $190 for Manorhaven Park permit
  • $140 for the balance of the bus transportation to Medieval Times
  • $60 for admission of one additional student to Medieval Times.


  • Consultant contracts with Dr. Vincent Salvador for tuberculoses tests for volunteer program and NYSSMA pianist Jane Leslie were approved.
  • A contract for the district’s participation in the Ed Data bid for New York Skilled Trades Times & Materials was approved.
  • An emergency transportation contract was approved with Dell Transportation due to the resignation of a bus drive effective March 9 was approved.

Other Board News

  • A pair of Dell laptops and a Tungsten T5 were declared as obsolete equipment.
  • Christina Sciarrotta was appointed as principal of the 2012 summer school special education and ESL program.

The next meeting of the NHP-GCP Board of Education will be on Monday, April 16 at 8 p.m. at the .


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