NHP-GCP Honors 2012 All-County Musicians

District honors 47 music representatives from band, orchestra and chorus.

The honored each of its students who were named to the all-county band, orchestra and chorus groups with certificates at the February 13 meeting at the .

Each of the students at the NYSSMA All-County were adjudicated by a number of judges which consisted of a number of judges from other schools in Nassau County.

“It wasn’t our music teachers who judged them but other music teachers,” Superintendent Robert Katulak said. “And to be selected as a NYSSMA award winner and then move onto all-county chorus is an amazing feat. We place every year due to the efforts of our music teachers.”

: Joshua Choi (band), Anothony Decola (band), Christopher Fink (band), Ryan Moon (band), Danielle Torrisi (band), Justina Grosso (chorus), Ciara Lennon (chorus), Danielle Torrisi (chorus) and Sarah Londono (orchestra).

: Christopher DeCanio (band), Michaela Zabicki  (band), Justine Allen (chorus), Julianna Dacosta (chorus), Patrick Farrell (chorus), Anika Mathai (chorus), Kelly Muntzenberger (chorus), James Reo (chorus), Kelly Torres (chorus) and Nivetha Shanmugarajah (orchestra).

: Colvin Kopram (band), Brian Woo (band), Joshua Bangug (chorus), Erin Chun (chorus), Mackenzie Griffen (chorus), Abha Japi (chorus), Jessica Olivari (chorus), Emily Paul (chorus), Taylor Robbins (chorus), John Tagios (chorus), Sarah Wozniak (chorus), Ismenia Ginebra (orchestra) and Kyra Ramdarie (orchestra)

Hillside Grade School: Sahran Amin (band), Emily Budhram (band), Lydia Babu (chorus), Katlyn Bartoszek (chorus), Kassandra Kueffner (chorus), Christine Philipose (chorus), Jake Rosario (chorus), Andrew Sallusto (chorus), Danielle Schwartz (chorus), Alexandra Szynwald (chorus), Olivia Tam (chorus), Rachel Varughese (chorus), Channing Woo (chorus), Allison Gonzalez (orchestra) and Samantha Ng (orchestra).


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