NHP-GCP Superintendent’s Report: Moving on Ceremonies and 2012 Retirees

Superintendent Robert Katulak wraps up the 2012-13 school year.

The following are the remarks of New Hyde Park-Garden City Park Superintendent Robert Katulak made during the public meeting of the NHP-GCP Board of Education on June 11, 2012:

As I said in the beginning, all schools had that were enthusiastically received by the audiences. We recently completed all of the scoring of the New York State assessments in grades three through six including the fourth grade science assessment.

All kindergarten students had their moving on, or graduation, ceremony at the four schools and they looked wonderful and they performed admirably. It’s amazing how many song lyrics and poems they remembered and even were able to swing from one side to another in unison.

Each of our academic programs are winding down and we’re going to be doing final assessments, our writing portfolios will have their last entries in them and all teachers will be completing their running records. This assessment data that teachers collect we use for grouping students in next year’s classes and to create our academic intervention services list along with results of the New York State assessments.

The Dignity for All Students Act Committee has completed their first year’s work with productive outcomes. Our district has a proposed plan that will include a new curriculum, materials and a mission to help all students feel safe, secure and and protected. Each elementary school will be providing information in detail to all parents in September and on tonight’s meeting agenda there’ll be a recommendation for district pointperson in each school as well as a go-to. Special thanks to Mrs. Marenghi, principal of the and Dr. Kurasaki for facilitating this arduous process.

This afternoon we held our annual town meeting to celebrate our accomplishments and we hope that everyone who was recognized how instrumental they have been in shaping the lives of our students. We recognized three teachers for their 25 years of service: Val Unger, Elizabeth McHale and Theresa Rienzie. We also recognized the following retirees: Angela Maletta, librarian at the New Hyde Park Road School; Marilyn Podell, reading specialist and coach at ; Diane Schubert, physical education teacher at Manor Oaks; Nancy Costello, second grade teacher at ; Linda Livreri, grade two teacher at the New Hyde Park Road School; Barbara Ponchione, teaching aide; Frank Regaglia, a cleaner; Karen Hugli, a cafeteria food service worker and monitor.

We hope that each of you have a safe and restful summer and I’ll be back in a few minutes to recognize those teachers who are .


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