Searingtown First Graders Enjoy Autumn Activities in October 2013

Herricks first graders observed Health & Safety Week with various drills.

Herricks students on a pumpkin picking adventure. Photo credit: Courtesy Herricks School District
Herricks students on a pumpkin picking adventure. Photo credit: Courtesy Herricks School District

The month of October brought wonderful autumn weather for the first graders to enjoy. We engaged in scientific thinking to look closely and explore solids, like our pumpkins, buttons, shells and blocks. We used descriptive property words to describe their color, shape, size and texture.

The school started the month off showing what great spirit lives at Searingtown. We celebrated with a restful Pajama Day (and nobody fell asleep!); Team Uniform Day; Mismatch Day and on Thursday, we donned some crazy hats and sported some crazy hair styles. The week ended on Friday with Searingtown T-shirt Day and a Pep Rally in the large gym with cheering heard all over town!

We observed Health & Safety Week from October 7–11 with various drills such as: lockdown drill; lockout drill; evacuation drill and a weather/shelter drill. We had a visit from the Albertson Fire Department with the fire truck and a lesson on fire safety. For the “health” part of the week, the focus was on developing habits for a healthy mind, body and spirit. Among the week’s activities, the students started each day with exercise and movement activities in the hallway led by Mr. Lavey. When the whole school was in the large gym for the practice shelter drill, Mrs. Hauck led us in breathing exercises and we saw how calm breaths can calm us and increase oxygen to help us think more clearly.

We had a fabulous trip to White Post Farm on October 18. The children saw signs of autumn all around them at the farm. The adventure began with the children feeding the animals. The thrill and excitement was seen on their faces and heard in their laughter, as they fed goats, llamas, cows, zebras and lambs. They were so excited to board a tractor-drawn wagon for an exhilarating ride to our very own pumpkin patch. Each child searched and explored until they found their very own perfect pumpkin! A great time was had by all on our pumpkin picking Fall adventure!

The writers in first grade shared stories from their lives as they continued their work in the narrative writing unit called “Small Moments.” They learned how to plan and write a story, as well as edit and revise it for publication. The first graders had a lot to be proud of when it was time to celebrate their special piece!

In Reading Workshop, the first graders showed how they are active problem solvers, as they learned more sophisticated strategies to figure out tricky words. They worked really hard to deal with bumps in the road and figure out the tricky words! The mathematicians in first grade continued their work with addition and subtraction equations, and to make sense of word problems and to persevere in solving them.

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