Searingtown School Fourth Grade November 2012 Highlights

From crayfish to learning about New York State.

Crayfish arrived at the Searingtown School during the month of November allowing fourth graders at the Herricks school to get up-close and personal with the creatures.

Students used their scientific investigation skills to study all aspects of crayfish life.

Fourth graders have been writing, comparing, ordering and rounding large numbers and have been working on developing their number sense. The children have been studying how to analyze characters in realistic fiction pieces, working on envisioning and growing theories or “big ideas” about characters and the books that they are reading as well as beginning to craft their own realistic fiction.

They have been digging deep into their own experiences for story ideas and have been working hard on developing main and secondary characters.

The fourth graders are also studying about New York State, the regions of our state and developing products that will inform others of all the places to see and some trivia.


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